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About Pace

Pace Sports Academy is premium tennis academy built with a core of passion and talent through a team of dedicated and acclaimed professionals who are committed to develop the game of all tennis lovers.

Our tennis academy is the perfect place for athletes to take their game to the next level and for enthusiasts to enjoy their off-time while also elevating their game and fitness.

Pushpa Valli Velladandi

Athlete. Operations Expert. Mother.

As an accomplished MBA graduate with extensive experience in corporate roles, Pushpa comes with years of experience in Operations and Talent Management. She has been an athlete herself having played cho cho for decades. Now, Pushpa harbours the dream of her daughter becoming a professional tennis player. She aspires to make tennis a mainstream sport in India. For this she borrowed Rs 5 lakhs to establish Pace Sports Academy, where she combines her passion for sports with her professional expertise.

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