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Since its construction, Stade de France has been closely intertwined with the history of French football. Stade de France, which rose to legendary status when the French national team won the title of World Champion in front of its nation in 1998, has since become the official stadium of the French football team. Les Bleus invite football fans to join them for friendly matches, qualifying matches and, for instance, the League of Nations. Tickets are available throughout the year at the official Stade de France ticket office.

Football comp.rar


How beautiful is the love for some colors! Enjoy the great experience of watching a football game with our host from Colo-Colo, the most successful club in Chile. Enjoy the great atmosphere that the Cocolina fans create in each match of their team. Pure passion!

Testimony of an argentinian fan: "I'm a woman, I'm a mother of girls, I don't watch football, I don't play it and surely I still don't know some rules. But I am Argentine and every 4 years I am invaded by a passion that is difficult to explain". 041b061a72


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