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Reactive Power Management By Tagare Pdf Downloadl

Reactive Power Management by Tagare PDF Download

Reactive power management is a subject that has gained importance due to the high transmission and distribution losses in electric power systems. Reactive power is the component of electric power that does not contribute to the real power delivered to the load, but is necessary for maintaining the voltage level and the power factor of the system. Reactive power management involves the optimal allocation and control of reactive power sources and devices, such as generators, capacitors, reactors, transformers, and FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems), to minimize the losses, improve the voltage profile, and enhance the stability of the system.

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One of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on this topic is Reactive Power Management by Tagare, published by McGraw-Hill Education (India) Pvt Limited in 2004. This book covers the subject in its entirety and enables engineers to understand the why, how, and what to expect of the problems associated with reactive power. The book is divided into four parts:

  • Part I: Basic concepts and related topics like quality of supply, cost of reactive power, power tariffs, and market forces are included.

  • Part II: Sources that cause, and equipment and transmission lines that suppress, reactive power are covered.

  • Part III: Latest developments in the transmission networks, particularly FACTS, are discussed.

  • Part IV: Reactive and energy management of residential as well as large industrial consumers like steel, cement, petroleum, paper, mining, textiles, etc. are covered.

The book is richly illustrated with examples and case studies, and will be useful to power utilities, electricity boards, and diverse industries, including power, petroleum, cement, glass, coal, etc. The book also contains a number of solved and unsolved problems for practice and self-assessment.

If you are interested in learning more about reactive power management and its applications in modern power systems, you can download a PDF version of Reactive Power Management by Tagare from [this link]. Alternatively, you can also buy a hard copy of the book from [this link].


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