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New Girl - Season 2 Epis...

Season 2 continued to explore the deepening relationships between the roommates in the loft, and with Jess' lifelong best friend, Cece. Nick and Jess develop a romantic relationship by the end of the season, and Cece walks out on her arranged marriage ceremony in the season finale, declaring her love for a long-pining Schmidt.

New Girl - Season 2 Epis...

The season also allowed viewers to get to know some of the major characters' families, helping to establish character motivations and personalities - Rob Reiner appeared in three episodes as Jess' father, Bob Day, and Jamie Lee Curtis appeared at Thanksgiving as her mother, Joan. Rob Riggle also guested in the Thanksgiving episode, "Parents," as Schmidt's uber-competitive cousin - also named Schmidt. Nick experienced the death of his con-man father, Walt (played by Dennis Farina), and Jess was introduced to his headstrong mother, Bonnie (played by Margo Martindale) at his funeral in "Chicago." Anna Maria Horsford and Keenyah Hill appeared as Winston's mother, Charmaine, and WNBA star sister, Alisha, in "Katie."

David Walton (Sam), Merritt Wever (Elizabeth), Nelson Franklin (Robby McFerrin) and Satya Bhabha (Shivrang) appeared in multi-episode arcs as significant others of Jess (Sam), Schmidt (Elizabeth), and Cece (Robby then Shivrang). Olivia Munn, as a commitment-phobic stripper, appeared in three episodes as Nick's quasi-girlfriend, Angie. Carla Gugino guested in three as Schmidt's just-divorced boss, Emma, who convinces him to sign a sex contract. Kali Hawk, who began appearing in season one as Winston's girlfriend, Shelby, was out at "Halloween," when Shelby and Winston ended their relationship. Brenda Song appeared in two episodes as his new love interest, Daisy.

Dermot Mulroney returned as Russell, crashing Nick and Jess' awkward "First Date." Parker Posey ("Re-Launch"), Raymond J. Barry ("Katie"), Brooklyn Decker ("Cooler"), Steve Howey ("TinFinity"), Odette Annable ("Quick Hardening Caulk") and Taylor Swift ("Elaine's Big Day") all made single-episode guest appearances in season two.

If I got anything out of the latest New Girl episode, it was that Schmdit and Robbie need to get married in a full on balls to the wall ceremony. With elephants. That they eat one bite at a time. And Cece could be the flower girl.

After a stellar first season, New Girl just continues to improve in the second season. By this point in the series, the fans know exactly who all the major players are, the chemistry between Jess and Nick is building, CeCe and Schmidt already have a history, and it's time to take things to the next level.

This is the season that really starts to build New Girl into everything fans knew it could be - but that doesn't mean that every episode was going to be a smash hit. Some are phenomenal, some are mediocre, and some were just plain bad - and according to IMDb, these are the best and the worst of them.

Both Santa and Parking Spot get a joint entry because they both hit an 8.2 on IMDb. Santa is, unsurprisingly, a Christmas episode, and one where the gang is heading from party to party for the festive season. Probably the better of the two episodes is 'Parking Spot', about the madness that ensues when the gang realizes that the loft has a designated parking spot, and they have to fight to see who gets it.

In the ninth episode of the season, Jess and CeCe go to Jess's OBGYN friend and learn how many viable eggs they have left - something that throws them both into a panic as they think about the time they have left to meet someone, settle down, and get pregnant.

The first episode of a season is supposed to start things with a bang, but 'Re-Launch' definitely falls short. After Schmidt's broken penis (cue obvious laughter) has healed, he throws a party to re-launch himself in the dating scene. It's a bizarre premise to begin with, but add to that a laid-off Jess attempting to be a sexy shot girl, and the whole episode is just a bit of a mess.

The worst episode of the season may be the lowest rated because it is just... sad. Nick's deadbeat con-man dad shows up for this one, and gets Nick and Jess involved in a scam. Jess, of course, wants to see the best in everyone and get them to reconcile, and it looks for a moment as though it might even work.

The fifteenth episode of the second season may well be the best because it sees the return of the New Girl drinking game True American. This madcap (and impossible to follow) game is always a recipe for a great episode, and this one includes some phenomenal interactions between various pairs, as well as (finally!) Jess and Nick kissing at the very end. Perfect.

During this episode, both Mallory and Claudia questioned what others thought of them. At the sleepover, the girls took those fun personality tests. Mallory didn't think they were fun, though. She was so nervous around the older girls, especially Claudia, wanting them to like her.

I'd like a show of hands: How many of you women out there finished last night's episode of New Girl absolutely terrified about the state of your ovaries? I've learned a lot of things from the two seasons of the hit FOX sitcom. I've learned that divorced parents will probably stay divorced, I've learned that beautiful blue eyes can make a career, and I've learned a significant amount about hair chutney. Last night's episode taught me that by the time I'm 30, 90% of my eggs will be gone. Like, gone gone. I've never really thought about my eggs before, even writing the phrase "my eggs" makes me feel a little ill, but after 22 minutes of televised fertilization panic I'm definitely thinking about my eggs now.

The problem with TV today, at least for me, is that I tend to forget everything I've watched. I don't watch much TV during the week and tend to binge everything on the weekends. This past Saturday, I binged the new season of "Bojack Horseman." A few weeks ago, I watched nearly every episode of "Younger" with my mom while she was visiting. Once the new seasons of these shows premiere, I guarantee I'll have zero fucking clue where they left off. I've promised myself I'm going to stop doing this and instead, watch each episode as it premires and take detailed notes so I don't forget everything.

When I got access to the new season of "Top of the Lake" at the beginning of the week, my first instinct was to stay up until 2AM and watch every episode. I'm feeling kind of shitty about life right now (for no particular reason, just run-of-the-mill depression) and nothing fills that sadness better than Jane Campion and her sweeping, gorgeous shots of Bondi Beach. Yeah, there's murder, misogyny, and David Dencik's ass, but the cinematography is stunning. Even the shots of Cinnamon's hair creeping out of the suitcase kind of took my breath away. BUT... I refused to let myself binge. I watched two episodes, took notes, and am writing about the first one now. Pats self on back. I know 2 episodes aired last night, but I most likely won't be able to write about the second one until Monday evening. Blame my 9-6 job if you're annoyed.

In case you're like me and can barely remember what went down in Season 1, here's a quick refresher on some of the most pertinent details. SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this if you haven't watched Season 1. Go directly to the Sundance Channel (or Hulu), sign up for a free subscription, and watch it. Watching Season 2 without watching Season 1 is st00pid and I don't know why you would deprive yourself of some of the best television you'll probably ever see; however, you could totally watch Season 2 without watching season 1 if you're trying to save time.

Al Parker, the man Robin shot last season, is potentially pressing charges against her. Apparently, there isn't concrete evidence tying him to the pedo ring. It's not 100% clear to me how this could be the case, but maybe it will be further explained in later episodes. In this episode, I get the sense it's mentioned solely to help justify Robin's increased stress levels and overall paranoia.

While all this is happening, there's a suitcase with a body in it floating in the Pacific Ocean. From the opening montage and a later conversation between a bunch of nerds in a coffee shop, we can guess it contains Cinnamon, a young sex worker who has gone missing. We also know that Puss is connected to this prostitution operation. He lives in the same building as the girls and they often come to his house, asking for English lessons. See what I mean when I say Campion doesn't really care about plot? It's pretty obvious at this point that Puss, Robin's biological daughter's boyfriend, is Cinnamon's killer. It's like something you'd see on "Passions," but Campion is at the helm, so just trust that she'll take you to good places.

peanutluey and i just caught up with this past episode. i thought it was kind of boring, and well i guess they needed a filler episode to establish that S was back on top, and dan and serena are just going to be war-ing back and forth all season, which is kind of lame.the parallel relationship of the humphrey boys and the vanderwoodson girls is kind of weird. call me a romantic, but i hope that rockin rufus and judgy lilly do get back together, regardless of what their kids are doing.keep up the posts.

Gossip Girl is available to watch on the HBO channel and HBO Max. For those watching internationally, Gossip Girl has not been announced just yet, however much like previous seasons it should show up on BBC iPlayer months after the US stream has finished airing on HBO.

Played by Damon Wayans Jr., Ernie "Coach" Tagliaboo was a personal trainer and a former health teacher who lived with Schmidt and Nick. The trio interviewed Jess when she was on the hunt for a new home. She moved in with them in the pilot episode, but by Episode 2, Coach was gone, replaced in the apartment by a former basketball player named Winston Bishop. The on-screen reason given was that Coach moved in with his girlfriend, Malia.

Happy Endings wrapped up after Season 3. But as unfortunate as that was, the end of the series freed up Wayans to return to New Girl. Coach made his comeback in Season 3 as a full-time cast member. Once again, the reasoning for this hinged on Coach's girlfriend, Malia, but this time their breakup resulted in Coach coming back into the lives of Jess and company. 041b061a72


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