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Ben 10 Omniverse Season 1 To 8 Complete Series WEBDL X264 AAC

Ben 10 Omniverse Season 1 to 8 Complete Series WEBDL X264 AAC

Ben 10 Omniverse is an American animated television series and the fourth installment of the Ben 10 franchise, which aired on Cartoon Network from September 22, 2012, to November 14, 2014, in the United States. The series follows the adventures of sixteen-year-old Ben Tennyson, wielder of the Omnitrix, an extremely powerful watch-style device that allows Ben to change into a multitude of various aliens; each with their own special abilities and skills. The storylines alternate between that of eleven-year-old Ben (one year after the original series) and sixteen-year-old Ben (a few months after Ben 10: Ultimate Alien).

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The series consists of eight story arcs, each with ten episodes, making a total of 80 episodes. The story arcs are as follows:

  • Arc 1: The More Things Change: Ben gets a new partner, a rookie by-the-book alien plumber named Rook Blonko, and explores the quirkier side of things in the alien underground of Undertown. He also faces enemies from his past, such as Khyber the Huntsman, Dr. Psychobos, and Malware.

  • Arc 2: Malware's Revenge: Ben and Rook team up with Ben's old friends Gwen and Kevin to stop Malware from absorbing the powers of the Omnitrix and destroying Azmuth's home planet Galvan Prime.

  • Arc 3: Showdown: Ben learns that the evil Galvanic Mechamorph Malware has been revived by Khyber's former partner Dr. Psychobos and plans to destroy Azmuth and the Omnitrix once and for all. Ben also meets his younger self from an alternate timeline and helps him stop Eon from erasing all the Bens in every dimension.

  • Arc 4: Duel of the Duplicates: Ben faces Albedo, who has stolen the Ultimatrix from Azmuth and used it to create evil versions of Ben's aliens. Ben also encounters a mysterious Galvan named Blukic who claims to know how to fix the Omnitrix.

  • Arc 5: Galactic Monsters: Ben discovers that a new alien criminal named Kundo has taken over Undertown and is forcing its inhabitants to obey his rules. Ben also meets Rad Dudesman, a space smuggler who helps him fight Kundo and his army of mutants. Meanwhile, Rook deals with his fear of clowns when he encounters Zombozo and his Circus Freaks.

  • Arc 6: The Evil Rooters: Ben learns that his old enemies, the Rooters, have returned and are manipulating some of his former allies, such as Helen, Manny, Pierce, Alan, and Cooper. Ben also discovers that he has a secret twin sister named Kai Green, who has been kidnapped by the Rooters.

  • Arc 7: The Mad Nightmare: Ben is trapped in a dream world by a new enemy named Mad Ben, who is an evil version of himself from another dimension. Ben must find a way to escape Mad Ben's twisted reality and stop him from conquering other dimensions.

  • Arc 8: A New Dawn: Ben faces his ultimate challenge when he confronts Vilgax, who has obtained the power of a god-like being called Maltruant. Ben must team up with all his friends and allies to stop Vilgax from destroying the universe.

The complete series of Ben 10 Omniverse is available in WEBDL quality with X264 video codec and AAC audio codec. The file size is about 18 GB for all 80 episodes. The download link is [here].

Ben 10 Omniverse is a fun and action-packed series that features many new and old characters, aliens, villains, and locations. It is a worthy conclusion to the original continuity of the Ben 10 franchise and a must-watch for any fan of the series.

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