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Cookie Run: Kingdom - Build Your Dream Cookie Kingdom with the APK

Cookie Run: Kingdom APK Update - Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Cookie Run: Kingdom, you might be wondering what's new in the latest update of this popular mobile game. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Cookie Run: Kingdom APK update, including what it is, why you should update it, how to update it, and how to enjoy it after updating. Let's get started!

cookie run kingdom apk update

What is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a mobile game developed by Devsisters Corporation that combines running, building, and battling elements. In this game, you can create your own cookie kingdom with various buildings and decorations, collect over 200 cookie characters with unique abilities and personalities, run through various stages with your cookie team, and battle against other players or monsters in real-time PvP or PvE modes. Cookie Run: Kingdom is a fun and addictive game that offers endless possibilities for creativity and adventure.

Why You Should Update Cookie Run: Kingdom APK

Updating Cookie Run: Kingdom APK is important for several reasons. First of all, updating the game ensures that you have access to the latest features and improvements New Features and Improvements

One of the main reasons to update Cookie Run: Kingdom APK is to enjoy the new features and improvements that the developers have added to the game. Here are some of the highlights of the latest update:

  • A new event called Legend of the Red Dragon has been launched, where you can collect Red Dragon Coins and exchange them for various rewards, such as Red Dragon Cookie, Red Dragon's Sword, and Red Dragon's Shield.

  • A new feature called The Triple Cone Cup has been introduced, where you can compete with other players in three different modes: Kingdom Arena, Cookie Alliance, and Super Mayhem. You can earn Triple Cone Cups and use them to buy exclusive items from the Triple Cone Shop.

  • A new feature called Invitation from the Slumbering Moon has been added, where you can explore a mysterious island with Moonlight Cookie and her friends. You can find hidden treasures, encounter new enemies, and unlock new stories.

  • A new feature called New Year, New Adventures has been implemented, where you can celebrate the Lunar New Year with special events and quests. You can also get a chance to obtain Lucky Cookie and Lucky Bag from the Lucky Gacha.

  • A new feature called Stories by the Fireplace has been activated, where you can listen to the tales of various cookies and learn more about their backgrounds and personalities. You can also earn rewards by completing story missions.

  • A new feature called Braver Together has been enabled, where you can join forces with other players in cooperative battles against powerful bosses. You can also chat with your teammates and share strategies.

  • A new cookie called Cheesecake Cookie has been added to the game, along with her pet Cheese Mouse and her treasure Cheese Wheel of Fortune. Cheesecake Cookie is a healer who can restore HP and SP to her allies, as well as grant them buffs and shields.

  • A new cookie called Mint Choco Cookie has been added to the game, along with his pet Mint Choco Bat and his treasure Mint Choco's Magic Hat. Mint Choco Cookie is a magician who can summon bats and cast spells to damage his enemies and debuff them.

  • A new cookie called Pomegranate Cookie has been added to the game, along with her pet Pomegranate Bird and her treasure Pomegranate's Ruby Earrings. Pomegranate Cookie is a warrior who can unleash powerful attacks with her sword and shield, as well as heal herself and her allies.

  • A new building called The Library has been added to the game, where you can store and read books that contain various information about the game world. You can also upgrade The Library to unlock more books and increase your knowledge.

  • A new building called The Observatory has been added to the game, where you can observe the stars and planets in the sky. You can also upgrade The Observatory to unlock more celestial objects and increase your wisdom.

  • A new building called The Workshop has been added to the game, where you can craft various items using materials that you collect from running stages or exploring islands. You can also upgrade The Workshop to unlock more recipes and increase your creativity.

  • A new feature called Guilds has been added to the game, where you can create or join a guild with other players. You can chat with your guild members, donate resources, request help, participate in guild battles, and earn guild rewards.

  • A new feature called Social Media has been added to the game, where you can follow other players' activities and share your own. You can also like, comment, or repost other players' posts, as well as send or receive gifts.

  • A new feature called Daily Missions has been added to the game, where you can complete various tasks every day to earn rewards. You can also get bonus rewards by completing all the daily missions or achieving certain milestones.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Another reason to update Cookie Run: Kingdom APK is to fix some of the bugs and optimize some of the aspects of the game. Here are some of the bug fixes and optimizations in the latest update:

  • A bug that caused some cookies to disappear from the kingdom has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some buildings to overlap with each other has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some items to be duplicated or missing from the inventory has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some quests to be incomplete or unresponsive has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some stages to be inaccessible or unstable has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some battles to freeze or crash has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some rewards to be incorrect or unavailable has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some notifications to be delayed or missing has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some sounds to be distorted or muted has been fixed.

  • A bug that caused some graphics to be low-quality or glitchy has been fixed.

  • The game performance has been improved by reducing the loading time and the battery consumption.

  • The game stability has been improved by fixing the memory leaks and the network issues.

  • The game compatibility has been improved by supporting more devices and operating systems.

  • The game security has been improved by preventing hacking and cheating.

  • The game balance has been improved by adjusting the cookie stats, the stage difficulty, and the reward distribution.

How to Update Cookie Run: Kingdom APK

Now that you know what's new in Cookie Run: Kingdom APK update, you might be wondering how to update it on your Android device. Don't worry, it's very easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

Check Your Device Compatibility

Before you update Cookie Run: Kingdom APK, you should check if your device is compatible with the latest version of the game. The minimum requirements are as follows:


Android 5.0 or higher2 GB or higher3 GB or higher

If your device meets these requirements, you can proceed to the next step. If not, you might need to upgrade your device or wait for a future update that supports your device.

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