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Where Can I Buy A National Park Pass Near Me [CRACKED]

The cheapest way to get your National Park Pass is in person. Here is the list of all the offices where you can buy your pass and bring it home immediately. You can feed it, crack open a cold beer with it, buy it a sleeping bag and snuggle up together under the stars.

where can i buy a national park pass near me


How do you get one? Show a proper Military issued ID at any of the physical locations where you can purchase an annual pass. Most of them have Military Passes available as well. You may want to call and double-check that they have them in stock if you have a long drive.

The purchase of a Recreation Passport not only gains you vehicle access many outdoor spaces, but 10% of the funds go toward the local grants program and back into local communities. Last year, nearly $2 million was awarded to local communities for local park development and improvement projects, such as playgrounds, sports and fitness facilities, walkways, trails and more. Learn more about the Recreation Passport Grants.

Annual entrance passes can be purchased at all park ranger stations and museums during regular business hours, 365 days a year. Please call the park in advance to ensure availability. Those who are eligible for discounted or free passes may use this method to receive their pass.

Discounted and free passes must be obtained in person at a state park with a staffed ranger station. See our list of eligibility documents required for presentation in order for the passes to be sold/issued. Discounted and free passes cannot be issued or renewed online or by mail.

Heading to Colorado national parks to take in the sweeping beauty of Longs Peak or the awe-inspiring view of Painted Wall? Here are the many options for national park entrance fees. The following fees are valid for 2019. Visit for complete fee listings.

Active military receive free annual parks passes for themselves and their dependents when they show a military ID. Travelers under 16 years of age, as well as those visiting parks for educational or scientific purposes, also receive an entrance waiver. And if you have a permanent disability and show documentation, you get in for free and get a discount on camping. Is there a fourth grader in your family? Is there a fourth grader in your family? Visit for your free pass.

Annual passes are available for purchase via our online store and in-person at many locations throughout the State Parks System. They are also available for purchase at most District and Sector offices and many park units. Please call ahead for availability at the in-person locations. Discount passes require an application and may be applied for online, by mail, or in person.

California is home to some of the most amazing natural and cultural landscapes in the nation. There are a wide variety of different parks operated by various agencies. Simply, county parks are operated by local counties, state parks by the state of California, and national parks by the federal government. Each agency has their own pass program since policies, guidelines and operations are unique.

Although state parks operates a majority of its state parks, there are selected state parks that are operated by a third party. State parks operated by a third party have the discretion to accept or not accept discounted and annual passes. Click here to view the list of parks that do not accept annual passes.

If there is an open kiosk at the park, please see a staff member and show them your annual or discounted pass. They will be able to print you a day use receipt that you can attach to your motorcycle. If there are only self pay stations, please fill out one of the self pay envelopes and include your pass information on the envelope. Place the envelope in the iron ranger and attached the receipt to your motorcycle. Always bring your pass with you and have it ready if asked to present it.

This will depend on the type of pass you have. Please check the terms and conditions page for your pass to find out where the pass can be used. The Annual Passes Fact Sheet has links to each pass type.

Annual passes can be purchased as gifts online or in person at our designated pass sales locations. Since annual passes are not tied to an individual, passes can be purchased and then gifted. A full list is available online at and via the Online Park Pass Store (

Yes, annual pass upgrades are available. Please contact the Park Pass Office for more information at All annual pass upgrades can only be completed at a Park Pass Office. For a list of office locations, click here.

Please keep in mind that pass turn around times can be faster depending on our application seasons. For quickest service, please consider applying online. For the online links, please visit

New! As of 2022, the validity of these passes is being extended by five years. Current pass holders should retain their pass. The pass will be renewed within the Reserve California System without the need for pass replacement. It is important for the pass holder to notify the Park Pass Sales Office -- -- of any change of name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number to ensure that their account is up-to-date for proper reservation making.

At this time our departmental policy is that any lost/stolen pass applicants must completely reapply for the pass. Please email if you need additional assistance on reapplying.

The Golden Bear Pass is considered to be our limited income pass while the Limited Use Golden Bear Pass is our senior pass. In order to qualify for the Golden Bear pass you must meet the income qualifications listed on the application. For the Limited Use Golden Bear Pass you must be 62 years or older in order to qualify. For more information, please visit

The Discover Pass is required if you will park at Washington State Parks, Department of Natural Resources lands and Department of Fish and Wildlife trailheads. This includes campgrounds, parks, wildlife areas, trails, natural areas, wilderness areas and water access points. Find a shop near you that sells them or you can borrow Discover Passes through your local library.

Washington's Sno-Park Permits allow you to park at plowed lots accessible to groomed and backcountry trails. You can find your nearest non-motorized Sno-Park , or you can snowshoe or ski on the nearest motorized Sno-Park.

For just $80 a year, this annual pass offers free admission to 2,000 Federal natural, historical, and recreational sites across the United States, including all 62+ national parks and 556 national wildlife refuges.

Typical entrance fees for U.S. National Parks are $30-$35 per vehicle. At just $80 for the annual pass, that means you only need to visit 3 national parks in a year to make it worth your while.

This includes all 62 (and counting!) national parks, and all other Federal recreation sites managed by the above agencies. For a list of parks covered by the America the Beautiful pass, check out the National Park Service official website.

The annual pass does NOT cover fees incurred for amenities within the parks such as camping, boat launching, parking, special tours, special permits (like backcountry permits) or ferries.

I live in Utah and less than 2hrs away from 3 national Parks. I most definitely say the $80 is very worth it. We love that we can just take off on a week end or get off early form work and pick a park and go for hike.

Digital Utah State Parks passes are now available at Passes are good for the day of purchase only. Camping access and camping discounts are both NOT included in the purchase of a day-use pass.

The Utah State Parks Annual Day-Use Pass allows day-use access to Utah state parks for the individual who purchased it and seven other individuals in the same vehicle. Seniors 65 years of age and over may purchase a pass at a discounted rate.

You can purchase an Annual Day-Use Pass online using the link above, or in person. These in-person purchase locations include staffed state parks, region offices, and the Utah DNR Bookstore in Salt Lake City. Please note: these locations are only available for annual pass purchases during their individual business hours.

This pass is not valid for Jordan River OHV State Park or This is the Place Heritage Park and does not cover the $2 causeway fee for Antelope Island State Park. Camping access and camping discounts are both NOT included in the purchase of this pass. Purchase does not guarantee entry if the park is temporarily closed due to capacity being reached.

Acadia National Park visitors are required to have a park entrance pass whether walking, bicycling, skiing, riding the Island Explorer, or driving through the park. All vehicles must display a park entrance pass clearly visible through the windshield.

Visitors can feel good that purchasing a park entrance pass will help Acadia. Eighty percent of the revenues from entrance pass sales stay in the park for important projects such as trail rehabilitation, historic building repairs, and campground improvements.

Vehicle reservations are required for Cadillac Summit Road from sunrise to sunset from May through October. The reservation system was designed as a tool to improve the visitor experience, ensure visitor safety, and protect park resources. You do not need a reservation to hike, bike or take a taxi to the summit. Visitors can purchase both a vehicle reservation for Cadillac Summit Road and a park entrance pass at

The All Park Passport is $99 and provides unlimited entry to all South Carolina state parks for everyone in the pass holder's vehicle. The hangtag pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be transferred from one vehicle to another. Purchase your park passport online or by visiting a South Carolina state park office. 041b061a72


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