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Sergei Smirnov

Abu Garcia Serial Number Lookup

Found it! This picture of the reel was sent to me by a reader. They tracked it down to Paul Gallaher of Reno, Nevada. I immediately contacted him and asked about the whereabouts of this reel. He was the proud owner. Needless to say, I was thrilled as this was a major find for me as it may be the key to unlocking the mystery of serial numbers for a specific reel. It is from the original owner's collection.

Abu Garcia Serial Number Lookup

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I have to say this is probably the most unique reel I have ever seen. The serial numbers is the part that won my heart. I really had to convince myself to send this to you. The collector that it belonged to seems to have it and he bought it from the original owner who was trying to sell it, and was told it was a piece of trash. I have attached a picture, but you might have it on your wall and not want it disturbed anymore. The first numbers are C1101 and the rest are A1321 until B1323, and the last part is 223. The owner said that someone tried to contact the original owner without success. I have attached a picture of the frame. The reel foot has been replaced. I think that someone else has screwed it to what would have been the spool to the frame. Still, I think the reel is in great condition. I could not stop looking at it, what it took me to find it, and of course, this was it. You have my thanks, and hope to talk to you more on this. Marc (in NV)

This model was commonly referred to as the Duro-Ambassadeur, a shortened version of its name. Standard Durobaits were typically produced in a 3-screw frame and should be easy to identify by looking at its frame. While this model can be easily distinguished from its palming cup counterparts by it's dovetail lock, both are easily confused on serial number. The model frame numbers on this reel are stamped on the rear of the side plate, so you just need to have the front side number and date before turning the frame over. Identifying the date by looking at the side plate is not as easy as the palming cup models.


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