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How To Crack A Joomla Site |BEST|

Certain common indicators like Blacklist warnings by Google and other search engines, abnormal browser behavior, modified files, and the presence of malicious new users in the Joomla dashboard exhibit a hacked Joomla website. Mentioned below is a guide to identify and clean your hacked Joomla site:

How To Crack A Joomla Site

In case your Joomla site shows as blacklisted by Google or other website security authorities, you can check the security status of your Joomla! website by using their diagnostic tools. To check for Google transparency, visit the Safe Browsing Site Status website where you can view

On gaining information about potential malware location, compromised users and threat assessment, opt for a full website clean. Compare infected files with previous backups to assess the extent of modifications and remove malicious changes. Clean hacked Joomla database by using a database admin panel, such as PHPMyAdmin or tools like Search-Replace-DB or Adminer.

Next step would be to secure all user accounts. Often hackers leave multiple backdoors so as to again gain access even after a website has been cleaned. Backdoors are embedded in legitimate-looking files usually but located in the wrong directories. Therefore, it is imperative to thoroughly cleanse your files from backdoors else there is a threat of re-infection.

After cleaning your hacked Joomla site, make a backup. Having a good backup strategy is at the core of the best security practices. Store your backups in an off-site location, as storing them on a server can also lead to a hack.

A secure Joomla site is one which is updated regularly. Every version update is released with security enhancements and bug fixes. An outdated version of Joomla or any other outdated extensions/plugins can sneak in hackers.

Weak credentials can be ultimately leaked through Brute Force and act as common security holes, thus leading to compromised security. Easily guessed passwords and default admin accounts make it easier for perpetrators to gain illegal access to your Joomla website, thus exposing it a host of malicious activities. A long length password with multiple characters makes it for a secure passcode than a shorter one.

Perpetrators often resort to brute force attacks on easily guessed admin login pages. Thus it is imperative to restrict access to your administrator area. It is advised to not use a default admin login page URL, rather replace it with a specific name. Moreover, the admin panel must be password protected. Extensions like Admin tools, RSFirewall, etc allow a Joomla site owner to change their login page URL

Using security extensions go a long way in securing your Joomla site. These extensions, when configured with your site properly, allow you to block any kind of malicious activity and cover-up security holes. extensions allow you to block hacker attacks and close security holes of your Joomla site.

A two-factor authentication code (commonly known as the One time password: OPT) makes your Joomla site even more secure. Even if your password is guessed or leaked, one still has to go through an authentication code to gain illegal access of your account.

Never download premium extensions, plugins or any items for free from unauthenticated or unofficial sources. Plugins from an unknown source may be corrupted or contain malware, which may harm your site. Do not consider saving money here, rather spend on authentic sources.

Whenever a user logs into a site, his/her credentials are sent to a server sans encryption. By using an SSL certificate, these credentials will be encrypted before sending to the server. In this way, an SSL certification provides an additional layer of protection to your Joomla website.

In the effort of preventing site hacking, Joomla had upgraded the way it stores passwords in its database and using stronger hashing algorithms. Nonetheless, the arrival of cloud computing providers with the relatively cheap price they offer for GPU computing, creating an ideal computing power to crack passwords. This makes those efforts of preventing site hacking seem useless, at least to a certain extent.

It is experienced that WebAuthn key pairs are tied to the exact domain name of your site. It means that "" and "" in the "eyes" of WebAuthn are considered 2 different sites.

A good practice recommended by Nicholas is that you should use a password manager to set up a long and random password, with 32 to 64 characters to make it impossible to guess or even crack in.

To check the version of Joomla! 1.5 that you are using on for your website you can simply login to the admin panel and see the version on the top right of the admin panel. In Joomla 1.6, and 1.7, 2.5 it is listed at the bottom of the pages or choosing from menu Site -> System Information.

It turns out that even if you do not have access to the control panel or FTP you can check the versions of Joomla, it is neither difficult nor does it require hacking website,enough that you know some basic information and dates. So in that situation, you can simply check the version by browsing through the css (or .ini) files to this file location:

We use massive cloud computing clusters to perform a huge amount of calculations. You do not need to install any (crappy) software on your computer. Just upload your hashes or files to our website and wait for the result.

I have followed Joomla's instructions for diagnosis with no success. (See below) I have also emailed my webhost (I am on a shared server, but I use a host recommended by Joomla that is a specialist in Joomla sites). So, my question is what do I do next?

Next, go to the host control panel and look at the logs to see which IP addresses have entered your website and while files they have accessed. The IP address that coresponds to the files edited, you can then block using the plugin I mentioned before. Joomla 2.5 is very hard to hack so it is rather likely you have an extension that is badly developed and allows SQL injection. Therefore you should always choose popular extensions to install on your website when they are database related.

Relocate your administrator page by editing the config.php files .. and edit your FTP permission settings. If your administration login url was the standard location. ( ) change this location and block access using your hosting control panel to only certain ip address (and even restrict access by hours of availability. How many administrator user accounts do you have. There really should be only one person with super user access . It is really not productive or safe to have other users that do minor edits of the website with administrator privileges; and they could accidentally cause issues. These are basic steps and there is a lot more you can do. Send an email if you need help/step by step instructions. Hope all goes well.

New presentation styles bring your users better experience and visually enhance and modernize your website. Even if you don't agree with that, you should consider using the new presentation styles for search engine optimization purposes.

KashmirBlack is a botnet that targets sites on popular CMS platforms with the purpose of crypto mining (Monero specifically) and sending spam to potential future victims. It has a unique infrastructure that includes two data repositories and 60 compromised content servers which the C2 uses to wage a fast-growing botnet operation.

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